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Who We Are

Upper Case is an innovative localization services company based in Dubai, specializing in culturally appropriate translations for businesses operating in the MENA region.

With our regional base of qualified industry professionals, we are prepared to meet the translation needs of any business with exceptional emphasis on quality, cost and timeliness.

Since our business inherently adopts a proven operating model which costs us little in the way of overhead, we find it only just to pass along these savings to you, the client. Our prices are competitive because our methods are efficient. It’s that simple.

Our satellite service concept means that our translators are virtually available around the clock to take on your projects. We operate a network of over 30 native speaking translators based across Europe and the Middle East.



Having recognized the necessity for companies small and large to represent their products, services, organizational objectives or even mission statements to the wider, predominantly Arabic speaking audience in the region, we have made it our core objective to provide linguistic services to meet and fulfill that demand.

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We offer reviewing and proofreading services. Our linguistic experts can review content as well as rewrite, if needed, to ensure clarity and efficiency of your documents. Our proofreaders will correct your documents to ensure correct spelling, grammar and language use as well as check for linguistic and layout inconsistencies.


We offer professional desktop publishing services, formatting your documents and images to a set design, in one or more languages. Our DTP team works with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, and other leading graphic design software.
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We deliver copy that your customers relate to. Our experienced copywriters will find the right words to promote your products or services and get the right message across. Let us help you write your marketing materials, web content, corporate presentations, sales brochures, etc.

About Us

The Team

Upper Case is a culmination of years of practice in the field. With over a decade of hands-on project management experience working with leading industry giants in North America and Europe, and with a complementing array of educational credentials in translation backed by a Masters in Business Administration along with certifications in Project Management and Localization Project Management, Upper Case's founder and leading figure is a genuine disciple of the industry. She hails from Quebec, Canada, and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. She is remarkably well versed in the tricks of the trade and has managed translation units spanning three continents meanwhile catering to a multitude of working languages.

On a similar note, Upper Case's well appointed team of translators share the same unbounded dedication to their profession. They boast formal educational backgrounds in translation or linguistics in some form or the other, and the majority have been in the field for numerous years with a great deal of translation projects to their credit. Their experiences and collective wisdoms are shared with other up-and-coming practitioners in the field who look to them for guidance and direction.

Service Assurances

We know that a jack of all trades is a master of none, so we focus our sights on what we know best in order to provide the highest quality of deliverables to our clients. We also understand that time is of the essence, but this does not mean that we waver on accuracy because reliability, in conjunction to both factors, is equally crucial to the success of every project. Ultimately, our commitment to quality is our eternal commitment to our clients. This is evident in the service guarantee we promise with every assignment commissioned to Upper Case. Our goal is to deliver the best overall experience, and we want our clients to know it. In short, we aim to exceed everyone's expectations on these four parameters:

• Customer service & support
• Product quality
• Turnaround time & timeliness
• Cost

When a client is 100% satisfied, only then have we met our minimum expectations. Yes, we benchmark our performances so we can review and improve overall quality, as should every self-respecting service provider. We want to stand out from the rest and we expect no less from our own vendors. Why should you?


Only professional translators who are native speakers of the languages on offer perform your translations. They possess extensive knowledge of the varied writing styles that are culturally relevant and appropriate. They adapt translations to accurately represent your target audiences, thus giving true meaning to the term localization.

Market Segments

While we cater to a multitude of industries, we mainly specialize in these categories:

• Conferences, exhibitions & events
• Media & publishing
• E-books
• Sports & sporting events
• IT & Telecoms
• Software & user guides
• Video games


Our rates are tailored to the scope of your project. Therefore, quotes are provided based on project type, complexity and the timeline needed to produce the results you expect from us.

We apply the best practice of charging per word on translations rather than charging per page. This ensures that you are not overcharged. However, in order to cover our work costs, a minimum charge is applied to small-scale projects that do not meet a predefined minimum word count.

To discuss your projects and how Upper Case can help you, or simply to get a quote, please contact us.

Freelancing For Upper Case

Our relentless pursuit of excellence begins with hiring the right freelancer for the job.

Once you have submitted your details to us, we will review your CV and portfolio. If we determine that your qualifications match our needs then you will be invited to participate in a short test that will be graded to assess your skills and general subject-matter expertise in one of the select trades we specialize in. Following that, and upon the successful conclusion of this assessment, we will contact you to sign a vendor agreement with Upper Case and we will begin what we hope will be a lengthy, mutually rewarding relationship.

If you are interested in joining Upper Case as a long term freelancer, please submit your CV.

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Freelance for us

If you are interested in joining Upper Case as a long term freelancer, please submit your CV.

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